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Organizations Using Phorge
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Are you using Phorge (and/or migrated from Phabricator)? Add yourself here!

CompanyDescriptionUsersActive UsersLocal PatchesContributesLast Check
ER Inform.another private IT company in Italy3015fewyes2023-11
GitPull.ita made in Italy community803noyes2023-11
KIDS interactiveGerman web/app agency3020fewyes2024-02
WMFWikimedia friends1000+100+many (T15081)yes2023-11
FreeBSDThe FreeBSD Project1000+100+unknownunknown2024-02


  • Users: users that are not-disabled, not-banned, not-spam, with at least one action.
  • Active Users: average indication following the general definition of
  • Local Patches: indication of local-only changes (something not in Phorge)
  • Contributes: whenever somebody there proposes patches to Phorge to improve that organization
NOTE: Numbers are just a subjective estimation from the reporter.


If you are still using Phabricator, but evaluating Phorge, feel free to add yourself here:

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Should we add FreeBSD to this list? It uses Phorge now (as of June 2023) and has many users.
(Much of their documentation still refers to it as "Phabricator", despite this.)

I also can't exactly get a read on what they're using there, whether it's Phabricator or Phorge.
Perhaps someone who happens to be on the FreeBSD forums should ask about it, or perhaps a FreeBSD dev could add it to this page.

The instance is at

The line proposed:

CompanyDescriptionUsersActive UsersLocal PatchesContributesLast Check
FreeBSDThe FreeBSD Project1000+100+unknownunknown2024-02

I've successfully updated our Phabricator instance to Phorge today. After paying very careful attention to everything it went smoothly without any issues. Glad that this project has not died. Phabricator grew on me as well.

Wow! Thanks FreeBSD folks! Yes, feel free to add and thanks.