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Organizations Using Phorge
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CompanyDescriptionUsersActive UsersLocal PatchesContributesLast Check
ER Inform.another private IT company in Italy3015fewyes2023-06
GitPull.ita made in Italy community803noyes2023-06
WMFWikimedia friends1000+100+many (T15081)yes2023-06


  • Users: users that are not-disabled, not-banned, not-spam, with at least one action.
  • Active Users: average indication following the general definition of
  • Local Patches: indication of local-only changes (something not in Phorge)
  • Contributes: whenever somebody there proposes patches to Phorge to improve that organization
NOTE: Numbers are just a subjective estimation from the reporter.


This list is provided in Creative Commons Zero license - public domain.

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