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Lower the search ranking of disabled user accounts
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I just noticed that searching for kde on the global search in phorge returns a bunch of disabled spam accounts above all of the relevant results.

Example query:

This should really collapse all of those users or lower their ranking below other document types. The search result page doesn't even make it obvious that they are disabled users.

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Completely agree on lowering their ranking as default

Also for Archived Projects, and maybe some other objects.
I'm not sure if there's a generic way to do this, or if each search-engine needs to be updated manually.

Partially related, from the mentioned search it's easy to recognize closed Tasks, but Users are not greyed out when Disabled.

I'll try to figure out a architecturally-appropriate way to do this. The users do get grayed out in the typeahead search, just not on the results pages.

So apparently the ferret search engine doesn't really have any sort of dynamic ranking. The ranking is entirely based on how many ngrams match the query...with one singular exception - all user results are boosted above everything else.

I'm going to try ti figure out if it's possible to introduce a ranking boost (or penalty) based on object properties other than text matching. So far I'm not sure how that would be implemented. The objects probably aren't loaded at the time where the results set is sorted so any boost would probably need to be recorded into the db ahead of time.

I don't know if that is part of this task, but the global typeahead search should hide all disabled users, wikis and repos, shouldn't it? This is nothing you want as a fast suggestion...

I agree, disabled users should be hidden in the global search typeahead results.