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Diffusion: Description and tags are not shown
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In diffusion repositories, Description and tags are hard to find or never shown (only show in Manage page).

They should show up in the repo's main page.

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The current workaround was to put the Tags in the description. So, adding this feature could cause the Tags to be "somehow shown twice".

Fortunately I'm one of the affected users. As stakeholder I can say: I still would love to have these Tags shown and I don't care about this potential graphical duplication, since the solution is to just simplify the description.

I don't know if this should be a Feature Requests

I start setting UX since having a Tags field that is not shown in the supposed place usually creates confusion, and not just to newcomers. I can confirm this is especially true in the organization I work, since we have 200+ repositories, tagged, but - without a Description - no repository helps in quickly finding the related Project, the related documentation, so, high quality follow-ups and bug-reports are not encouraged.