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Make email clear about "Someone accepted revision" vs "Revision is ready to land"
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When anyone Accepts a revision, the author receives an email marked "Accepted". The user then gets excited, thinking their revision is in "Accepted" state, though it might not be.

Make the email more clear about "Someone accepted" vs "Ready to land".

Also maybe have the frontend more consistent. Like "Soft-Accept Revision" instead of "Accept Revision". So it's more clear that the user has not the permissions to do so, but they are still encouraged to give their opinion.

The current situation:

The email contains a "list of transaction", that looks like this:

valerio.bozzolan accepted this revision.
valerio.bozzolan added a comment.
This revision is now accepted and ready to land.

If the revision isn't ready to land, the last line isn't shown:

valerio.bozzolan accepted this revision.
valerio.bozzolan added a comment.

but the email subject alwas has [Accepted] in any case, because that's the strongest transaction, even if the revision is not in Accepted state yet.

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The task had a heavy dose of "describe a solution, not a problem", so I cleaned it up.

I'm trying to imagine a title that also involves the UX in general about accepting revisions, since it's also about the "Accept Revision" button, but my brain is not helping me right now in this

How about something like "Endorse"? That might remove the connotations of speaking for the project position that something like "approve" or "accept" may imply.

By the way, is there a task or project about UI text improvements that this task could be made part of? I am looking e.g. at the button in this very comment box saying "Set Sail for Adventure", which, while amusing, is also prone to cause confusion.

I don't think we have a specific task for "general UI text improvements" - there's the UX project, but "improve UX" is an ongoing process, so I don't think a single parent task is a good match.

There's a "serious business mode" (which I assume the WMF install is using?), that removes the amusing in favor of unconfusing. I know for a fact that there are places where some fun has slipped through into the Serious mode.

See also

A simple-ish change is to set the subject to "[Ready to Land]" if that's what's happned, and keep "[Accepted]" for "user accepted". Slightly more involved and less obvious is to always add the current state to the body of the email ("This revision is in the Needs Review state").

Another simple option is to rename either the state or the action, but I suspect that might go into a long discussion about naming.

For the web UI, we can maybe add a notice "the revision will become ready to land" in the preview (I think we can calculate it in the preview).

(More historical context:,