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Discussion: stacked diffs / dependent revisions
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A feature which is missing from Differential that would be welcomed by advanced users is the ability to stack multiple related revisions, possibly from different repositories, with a defined dependency graph so that they can be landed together and in the right order.

This is a fairly difficult feature to implement and hasn't been done well in any existing tools that I'm aware of.

The sort of defacto-standard way to do this is to add a Depends-on: footer to each commit. That footer is used to uniquely identify the commits that must be applied before the commit in question.

Prior art:

  • git-depend - looks promising
  • zuul - solves this problem but it's a big complicated system.
  • git-submodule - difficult to use, not a good solution IMO

Event Timeline

There is some support for this today, I have worked with dependent revisions in the past. There are some gaps but it’s possible today. I’ll look through my notes but I think this requires a fair amount of additional state tracking as commits change on local machines. I haven’t fully thought through it all but I think an ideal solution would be something like mercurial’s “evolve”, but that is likely a ton of work.