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Make "Related Revisions" more similar to "Related Tasks" (magical quiz inside)
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The Quiz

I have a nice quiz to you, Phorge user!

Stay ready and answer aloud. Whenever you are. Ready? Go:

Which of the following sentences is true in Phorge? (10 seconds)

1If "A" depends on "B" so "A" is parent of "B"
2If "A" depends on "B" so "A" is child of "B"

Answer aloud. Whenever you are.

Check Your Answer

I can say with my magic statistical powers, that I know your answer.

I also know that... your answer is just wrong >:)


This is the current comparison between the "related" feature of Differential and Maniphest (internally implemented as edge).

It's quite similar:

Sub-menu (1st)Edit Parent TaskEdit Parent Revisions
Sub-menu (2nd)Edit SubtasksEdit Children Revisions

But, here you see how the semantic relationship differs:

A depends on B so A is....ChildrenParent

So your answer is wrong since the relationships depends on where you are. The answer "1" is valid only in Differential menu, while the answer "2" is valid only in Maniphest menu.


Feel free to play again with your friends! \o/ You can invisible prizes.

Or, please propose something not-destructive to clarify a bit this. Since sometimes we can change a word to make something self-explaining.

Proposal 1

Maybe we can just edit 1 single menu item just in Differential, so we avoid to talk about "Parent" and we self-explain that:

Sub-menu (1st)Edit Parent TaskEdit Depends On Revisions
Sub-menu (2nd)Edit SubtasksEdit Children Revisions

Pro: minimal change
Cons: maybe difficult to translate and keep it short

Proposal 2