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Cannot Attach Restricted files to Phame Posts
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If a Restricted file is attached to a task, then we are presented with a UI action that looks like this

image.png (145×293 px, 7 KB)

If a restricted file is attached to a Phame blog post then we get no UI action to attach and we have no way to make this file visible to others

When other people view the blog post, they will simply see the markup {F12312}

This is related partially to T15106

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Ekubischta renamed this task from Cannot Attach Restrictred files to Phame Posts to Cannot Attach Restricted files to Phame Posts.Apr 25 2023, 20:29

Can I ask you if you are on latest version? If yes, can I ask you if you have errors in your console? if yes, see this:

T15272: RemarkupMetadata.js - Error: Empty ID passed to JX.$()!

By the way I understand that manually putting something like {F123} in the article should allow to manually attach that file to the Phame Post object. So, I see and agree this is a separated problem related to Phame.

No errors in the console..

This can be re-created by

  1. Creating some task in some space
  2. Snipping the screen and pasting it into the task
  3. Copying the {F12345}` from that task markup into a new blog post

The following will happen:

  • YOU can see the file in the blog post
  • Other people cannot

I would expect then to see the File Not Attached link that I can then use to attach this file to this blog post - But it does not display

Just some notes for later

  • The files list is rendered for views that call the newCurtainView method
  • Phame posts do not use this view
  • This is why Phame posts do not have the files list attached to them
    • And subsequently, a way to Attach a restricted file