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Allow to prefill the Diffusion creation form with Policies and preference on "Enormous changes"
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At the moment the Diffusion creation form is very simplified and it only asks:

  • Type: git / SVN / mercurial
  • Name
  • Callsign
  • Short name
  • Description
  • Tags

Most of these fields are already available via GET query string parameters (that would deserve more documentation).

Some of the missing parameters that would be useful to prefill too are:

  • Space
  • Visible to
  • Editable by
  • Pushable by
  • Enormous change Yes/no

This would be very useful at least for my case, where every 2 days I have a colleague who wants to create an SVN repository, and if she/he works for a certain department I have a certain set of policies to follow and it's very easy for me to make a mistake, since I am not lucky enough to sleep 10 hours a day to be 100% sure to have checked correctly the Space = Foo, Visible To = Bar, Editable By = Carl, Pushable by = Darline, enormous changes = true, or something weird and repetitive like that. I would simply like to build my quick-creation URL and quickly use that to put a name, and profit, and have more free to develop more crap on Phorge.