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[Feature request] Option to measure WIP limits based on card count instead of points, to more closely adhere to Kanban standards.
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As a sprint team, we would like the option to measure work-in-progress (WIP) limits based on card count, to more closely adhere to Kanban standards.

At the moment, WIP limits are shown as a total of Story Points.

This means that

  • if a column is filled with un-pointed tasks, the WIP stays at 0. Bugs are commonly 0 points.
  • WIP is not measured by the Kanban standard of task count. It is uncommon for Kanban to use WIP with points.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • an option to change a board to show WIP by task count in a column, rather than point total (or, alternatively, replace the existing functionality with this one)
  • preferably, the option is on the board itself, and not in editing the project

It's been suggested that simply defaulting all tasks to 1 point solves this issue. However, that raises other issues (for instance, some teams may already be using the Story Points field for actual story-pointing).

Original upstream ticket:
Original Wikimedia ticket: