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Ideally I think later on this could be like a landing page kind of just talking about/advertising the domain. Short term I don't particularly care with it but could we get rid of the generic landing page saying that the domain is registered? Maybe just a temporary redirect to

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Hm I tried updating the nginx configuration to do a temporary redirect to but it doesn't seem to be functioning properly. Someone else with better nginx experience might need to lend a hand -- @Matthew maybe?

Looks like @deadalnix may need to update DNS:

$ dig
;; ANSWER SECTION:              0       IN      A


$ dig
;; ANSWER SECTION:           0       IN      A

I sent @ toward too.

If there is another change needed please let me know. Alternatively, I can change the name server to point on something that several people control if it turns out I'm becoming a bottleneck.

Looks like that worked I guess. I just went to in my mobile browser and apparently redirected to

We can probably close this (for now?) unless you guys want to keep it open until permanent usage is decided/implemented.

speck claimed this task.

The future plans for the domain landing page are under T15008: Build Welcome Site. I'll close this out for now since the redirect is working.