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  • Clear sailing ahead.


  • Clear sailing ahead.

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Jun 11 2021, 11:12 (119 w, 21 h)

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Oct 10 2022

Nibbly added a comment to T15126: Remove Chatlog.
In T15126#3158, @avivey wrote:

can we keep the actual deletion as optional for a very long time/forever, and at the same time not create the database for new installs?
that will allow installs to backup/export their logs even if they miss the deprecation warning.

No, we should basically follow the two parts per @Matthew.

Oct 10 2022, 15:06 · Conpherence, User-Cigaryno, Chatlog

Jul 12 2021

Nibbly added a comment to T15028: bare domain usage? .

Looks like that worked I guess. I just went to in my mobile browser and apparently redirected to

Jul 12 2021, 12:05 · Systems

Jul 11 2021

Nibbly created T15029: 'well-known' link in vision statement is not found.
Jul 11 2021, 21:07
Nibbly created T15028: bare domain usage? .
Jul 11 2021, 21:03 · Systems

Jul 1 2021

Nibbly added a comment to T15006: Re-brand Phorge.

If the up stream is willing to accept any patches related to rebranding I think getting that implemented and then creating the fork would be ideal and then we can start continuing to update the code base here while other people that clone it can just rebrand for their businesses or use cases or whatnot (or additional forks)

Jul 1 2021, 02:41 · Phorge

Jun 11 2021

Nibbly updated the task description for T15000: Ad hoc setup tasks.
Jun 11 2021, 13:05 · Systems
Nibbly created T15006: Re-brand Phorge.
Jun 11 2021, 13:04 · Phorge
Nibbly awarded T15002: Create projects for this install a Like token.
Jun 11 2021, 12:10 · install