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Quote Comment: set meaningful URL
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Authored by valerio.bozzolan on Aug 1 2023, 12:15.
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If you visit most comments, now the "Quote Comment" has a specific
destination URL pointing to that comment.

I'm talking about the "Quote Comment" action here:

Maniphest comment actions.png (239×302 px, 11 KB)

Destination before:

Destination after:

This improves the situation everywhere but not in Legalpad or Phame
because of they a related bug. See T15579.

Closes T15578
Ref T15579

Test Plan

Test the "Quote Comment" destination from:

  • Audit comment
  • Maniphest comment
  • Paste comment
  • Pholio comment
  • Files comment

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Build 718: arc lint + arc unit

Event Timeline

Tested locally and works in most cases, however would love to avoid creating broken (404) URIs due to T15579 before merging

aklapper requested changes to this revision.May 8 2024, 17:12

I'm purely setting "Request Changes" to reflect that IMHO this should not get merged until there is an approach to fix T15579 - otherwise in some corner cases this proposed change would create broken URIs.

For the time being, another hackish approach here could be querying which application context the TimelineEventView is in (if there's some kind of way for us to find out) and blocklisting Phame and Legalpad not to set $ref instead of #. Doesn't look easy to do either though.

This revision now requires changes to proceed.May 8 2024, 17:12