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Co-Author support in arc land T15044
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Authored by TitanNano on Dec 1 2021, 10:55.
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T15044: Co-Author support in arc land

This adds all additional commit authors to the differential commit message as co-authors.
I'm not yet done with this, but it's a first draft. I would like to also extend commit parsing so we store,
co-author lines from the original commits. Once we have that we can add them as well.

See also D25029.

Test Plan
  1. go to
  2. find a revision id that contains commits from authors which are not the revision author
  3. make a request to differential.getcommitmessage
  4. verify that additional authors are added as Co-authored-by: xx xx <>

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Build 59: arc lint + arc unit

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TitanNano held this revision as a draft.
Owners added a reviewer: Restricted Owners Package.Dec 1 2021, 10:55

include co-author data from local commits

TitanNano published this revision for review.Dec 3 2021, 09:00
avivey added inline comments.

Can we have the Co-authored-by title as the label for the field, and let this field go through the regular code-path her (the else)?

I'd like to avoid special cases as much as possible, to allow more extensions - ideally, I want installs to be able to add other footers based on the same logic as custom extensions.

That probably means we need to allow (1) multiple instances of the same CommitMessageField and (2) make sure we somehow control the order of fields in $field_list (which we might already do? It looks like something is forcing title to be first).