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2022 Week 37
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5 September through 11 September, 2022 (and earlier changes).


  • Rebranded from Phabricator to Phorge (T15006)
  • Modified documentation to reference Phorge instead of Phabricator. This also removed references to support pacts and updated information on where to find support. (T15012)
  • Began work making Harbormaster more extendable. (T15018)
  • [] Made Aphlict a node package. T15019
    • This has the potential to break maintenance scripts. The proper way to manage the dependencies is now npm install.
    • Your install probably have untracked files called support/aphlict/server/package-lock.json and support/aphlict/server/package.json -- you should delete them before this upgrade (after shutting down Aphlict).
  • Pointed .arcconfig to point to this instance D25003
  • Added conduit endpoints to reference LegalPad. D25018
  • Made DatePicker translatable D25016
  • Show confirmation dialog when closing a modal if form contents have been changed D25015
  • Prevent Line Numbers in Diffusion being copied as Tabs D25024
  • Fix incorrect quoting of author in 'arc patch' D25026
  • Hide description of disabled users (D25035)

[] Breaking Change

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