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Add a "Copy Link" to the comment drop-down menu
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Current Steps to get link to comment
To get a link to a specific comment, you take the following steps

  1. Click on the date/time value for the comment

image.png (79×258 px, 1 KB)

  1. View the address bar to see the updated URL

image.png (37×165 px, 1 KB)

  1. Click on the the address bar and copy and paste the T1234#56789 to get the link

Proposed change
Add a "copy link" or "link to comment" menu item to the menu

image.png (158×362 px, 8 KB)

Why this change
This action makes sense as an option in the context of the other actions (Quote, View Raw, )

Additionally, IF a user did not know to click on the date/time value but wanted a link to the comment - A common action would be to hit the menu icon to see what options are available

Things to discuss
Is this link a fully qualified link OR is it just the monogram T1234#56789