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Allow blocking users
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This is more in-line with best practice. Allowing blocking of users facilitates preventing harassment, and allows the user to have more control of the content they see.

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We could expand a bit the Task description to clarify why the Disable User button and the Remove User are not sufficient for this purpose.

And, just to clarify, have MediaWiki something similar? Probably the "Mute User". Is Mute user the needed thing?

If yes, maybe we can focus on this:

T15328: Allow to mute users

aklapper subscribed.

Please do not add random project tags, as this is not a problem in Wikimedia at all. Thanks!

This ticket seems to mix several different things (block people who harass versus filtering content that you want to see). This ticket does not describe an underlying root problem but a potential solution. @Quartz: Please see and improve this ticket - thanks.

clarify why the Disable User button [...] not sufficient for this purpose.

@Quartz: Could you please clarify? Because disabling a user account due to their previous unwelcome activities is sufficient for me... Thanks.