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Improve Diffusion identity reassignment propagation
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  • Add some commits authored with an identity A that will get assigned to user X and some authored with an identity B that will not get assigned to anyone.
  • Explicitly unassign identity A from user X.
  • Explicitly assign identity B to user X.
  • Go to user X's commit list from the user X's profile page or craft a query for Diffusion commits, specifying X as author.

Commits A are not returned, commits B are returned — reflecting current state of identity-user mappings.

Commits A are returned, commits B are not returned — reflecting the state of affairs at the time of indexing the commits.

Screenshots (from comment):

Here, I assigned one of your identities to myself:

image.png (362×370 px, 18 KB)

Now when you go to the list of your commits, there is some entry from "me", but there shouldn't.
image.png (383×503 px, 27 KB)

And when you look at my commits, there are none — but there should, as this commit is now mine, as far as Diffusion is concerned.
image.png (376×475 px, 15 KB)

image.png (234×757 px, 17 KB)

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I'm not able to provide a smart title for this Task :D Thanks for any help in this

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Thanks! Now the second step is, finding at least one file that is related to the generation of the above feeds / texts