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Herald rule changes for release
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There are two changes that need to be made to the Herald rules on this install.

  1. H7 Guard Phorge Repo with Blessed Committers blocked a direct push against rP, however; H8 Guard Arcanist Repo with Blessed Committers did not block a direct push against rARC. I should have been blocked on both.
  2. Both these rules need to be adjusted to allow for releases. The current release method is to push a commit against the stable branch, which should be rejected for users without permission to cut a release. Could we perhaps allow for specific pushes to specific branches if a user is part of a specific project or has a specific badge?

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@Matthew the arcanist herald rule needs to be set to trigger when both conditions are met - currently even if a change is accepted only a member of Releasers can land the change because it will trigger for anyone who isn’t a member of Releasers. We want it to trigger if it both hasn’t been reviewed and the user isn’t a member of Releasers.

I've added H22, but I think at this point we should start writing code for what exactly is allowed/not allowed for these two branches.
It's also kind of annoying that there's no way to use the same rule for both repos.

I don't want to normally be able to skip the policy, because I do make mistakes; but defining the exact rules is involved:

  • can make some commits to stable ("actual releases", cherry-pick important bug fixes)
  • can make the release tag

Maybe we can write CLI tool to set some flag in the server, make the relevant pushes, and clear the flag (there used to be a "feature flags" application in Phabricator, I guess it was removed at some point? IIRC, it was actually there before "feature flag" was a common term, and it had a phunny name).

I never tested that, but maybe we can create a couple of minimal Herald rules consisting in "Use Herald Rule H22" or similar

(there used to be a "feature flags" application in Phabricator,

Found it! it's Phlux!