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Description has been working on translating Phabricator, but the translations only apply to the WMF's install of Phab. It would be super cool for us to upstream these translations and make them a part of our codebase.


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T15077: Rebrand: Tracking task

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Matthew triaged this task as Wishlist priority.Mar 24 2022, 02:30
Matthew added a project: Localization.

A highly unfortunate side-effect of T15077: Rebrand: Tracking task is that it will invalidate a ton of translations. My guess is that upstream did not want to maintain these translations as part of the release product, possibly due to not requiring translations be part of the Phabricator release process. If we pull them into the Phorge codebase then we would likely need to update all translations for any text changes made during development, prior to release. I think it would make sense to host the translations in a repository here but I would worry about them quickly falling out of date. Handling of translations is likely a larger-sized project that we would need help managing.

Anyone aware of tooling that would help in managing translations? I've looked briefly at Pontoon which is made by Mozilla for translating Firefox - Something like that might be useful for reviewing text changes and crowdsourcing translations.

There is a thread to about adding Phorge:
Wikimedia must first migrate to Phorge to add it into

Cigaryno renamed this task from Upstream TranslateWiki's changes to Upstream's changes.Oct 21 2022, 15:43
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Since 2023, Wikimedia Phabricator is really Phorge.

I also quite sure that Wikimedia people are not really interested in being maintainer of this at all costs (e.g. keep their translated fork of Phorge):

So probably it's just time to understand how to pull these translations regularly. I don't know really how.