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Better Pirate English
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Pirate English "transalation" is kinda spotty, I know that it's literally just a "for fun" translation, but I actually prefer my Phab/Phorge that way (call me weird, but I'm pretty sure I'm not alone). 😄

Event Timeline

It is not very clear to understand where the problem is and how to try to help improve it. I am not familiar with Pirate English. Other than adding "Arrr." I mean.

What don't you like?

Well, there are inconsistencies. For example, subscribers are called "spies" in the task overview, but "subscribers" in the task history, and "spies" again in task actions.

Pirate English also changes phrasing, word order, intentionally contradicts established grammar, and makes a lot of the phrases/actions/etc. sea/ship themed.

For example, the button I click on to post this is labeled "Set Sail for Adventure", or the first event in this task history is "Cap'n golyalpha be the one creatin' this here task.", when someone comments, they have "scrawled", and so on.

I don't think that Pirate English should be consistent. Anyway I think that "Subscribers" should be translated in Pirate English and that is a bug. But what is the "Task history"?

When I said inconsistencies, I was talking specifically issues where certain UI elements have the original English version of the text, while others have the "translated" Pirate English version of the text.

Task history is the feed for any given task. Generally starts with "Cap'n [username] be the one creatin' this here task.", and includes all actions and comments made in relation to said task.