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Add Monograms to Phame Post Titles
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When viewing a Phame Post, you cannot see it's monogram Jxxx unless you click into the post itself and look at the breadcrumbs

This differs from Tasks, Revisions, Passphrase, Paste, etc. which will all display the ID in the tab title of the browser

I propose (with the attached revision) that we updated Phame Post titles to include their Monogram.

The reason for this is that it makes it MUCH easier to reference Phame Posts in other parts of Phorge

For instance, you may make a task like "Fix This Thing" and in the Description you might write "We discussed this during Jxyz"

Internally, we use Phame for meeting notes, so we reference Jxyz numbers all over the place

Revisions and Commits

Event Timeline

I mentioned on the diff but also mentioning here. Blog posts can be directed to users external of the system where monograms might be more confusing. Maybe we can find another place on the page to put the monogram that doesn't affect the title?