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Build a VM-based developer environment
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There are a few efforts towards a Docker-based developer environment.

This thread is for building an alternative developer environment using a Virtual Machine setup such as VirtualBox+Vagrant. The topic comes up initially in T15011.

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Here is a proof-of-concept for a Vagrant pattern.

This was actually created by compiling the phorge-devcontainer provision scripts almost verbatim into a single .sh file, with just a handful of amendments and translation... it ought to be feasible for a Docker and Vagrant pattern to share some shell scripts for provisioning, but not sure if that's the best idea...

With these two files in the same directory, running vagrant up should hopefully produce the Welcome screen at

It doesn't yet check whether phorge and archanist are already cloned before it tries to clone, so it is so far a proof-of-concept for a from-scratch provision each time...

Confirmed working fine in both Windows 10 and Linux Mint 20

Still need to add a detection of whether directories are already created via git clone, for one thing... Could use a few tweaks but does get up and running based on first couple tests

I used Docker environment forked from RedpointGames. Its now migrated on a Ubuntu base and is available on a Github repository.