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Phorge and Mermaid Js

Asked by tanasi on Thu, Feb 8, 21:30.


Has anyone ever tried to do Phorge and Mermaid integration?

I am thinking that could greatly enhance editing experience, blog posts etc.

What do you think?



Updated 11 Days Ago

A long time ago, we actually had graphviz ( support - it was removed for security concerns: it required running graphviz on the server, using user-provided input.

Remarkup is generated server-side, rather then client-side (like Markdown), so the setup is a little different; But it should be possible for a Remarkup rule to provide javascript based customization such as Mermaid.

I don't remember any attempt to actually insert JS-based Remarkup rule, but it should be possible.

Updated 12 Days Ago

That would be really great taking into account the strength of the Mermaid tool to create graphs.

I think that the the mermaid markup would be easily adopted by the ones who use Phabricator and phorge.

Updated 5 Days Ago

I think the best way would be an extension like paste. You create the markup with its own preview in its own form. Then you can link or embed with {MER12}.

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