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Fix PHP 8.1 "array_fuse(null)" exception which blocks rendering Conduit's "Method Call Result" page

Authored by aklapper on May 13 2023, 01:40.
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array_fuse in arcanist is a wrapper for calling array_combine($list, $list). The latter doesn't seem to accept passing null instead of an array in PHP 8.2. Thus pass an empty array instead of null.

Closes T15393

Test Plan

Applied this change; afterwards "Method Call Result" page at /api/project.create correctly displayed in the web browser.

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Build 408: arc lint + arc unit

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I think we can just have array_fuse() accept null and return an empty list, because it's only there to simplify calling sites.

(The syntax for it in php 5/7 is function array_fuse(array $list = null) {...}).

Uh right, that makes way more sense to cover numerous such cases in Arcanist instead of playing whack-a-mole in Phorge Conduit. Thanks!