Going Public

After a long pause, Phorge is finally officially ready for use!

Phorge is a community-maintained fork of Phabricator.

We have now published the initial release of Phorge, including all code from Phabricator up to June 2022, and updating all the public-facing text to rebrand the product. We are now inviting you to start using Phorge, and to contribute as well!

We have some big plans: L1 Phorge Vision Statement

What is Phorge / Phabricator?

If you've never of Phabricator before, click here for an Intro...

Change Log

2022 Week 37

Migrating from Phabricator To Phorge

This manual will guide you through updating your install. TL;DR: change the git remote links and upgrade as you normally would.

For a fresh install, the installation guide remain unchanged (for now), except for the cloning URIs.

What's next for Phorge

Well, we're going to write and release code. At least for now, we'll continue the stable/master git-based release methodology from Phacility, possibly at a lower frequency.

Going forward, we plan to make it easier to contribute to Phorge; We want to make an ecosystem of Phorge applications, where it's easy to offer a custom Phorge app or extension, and easy to choose which extensions to install in your own install of Phorge or Arcanist - similar to the way browser extensions work these days.

For that end, we'll do the following:

  • We'll create an "application store" or "extension repository", right here in we.phorge.it, where contributors will be able to offer extensions and apps (T15068).
  • We'll be stricter in managing the framework's internal API, so extensions are easier to maintain.
  • We'll build tooling into Arcanist and Phorge to manage installed extensions and repositories .
  • We'll build tools to make it easier to develop these extensions and core elements (T15011).
  • And we'll allow the community to host extensions and related projects right here in we.phorge.it, so that community Phorge projects can use Phorge for their own development.

The second major work we wish to resolve is User Onboarding: Getting users to start using Phabricator was always a big hump, and we want to make it easier, while still maintaining the workflows and mindset of Phorge. We haven't fully flushed out these plans (T15096), but we're thinking some gradual slope away from what users are used to towards the desired flows is probably in the cards.

The third big item, and closely related to the first two, is making integrations with other tools easier: the Phorge suite covers lots of use-cases, and your team might already have good solutions to some of these. We want to make it easier to use the Phorge apps you want and have them work with the 3rd party tools you use for other use-cases. That will be mostly driven by contributed extensions.

Give Feedback! Get Support!

The primary way to get support is to ask a question in Ponder in this server.

You can also reach out to us on IRC - #phorge on libera.chat or in the general Conpherence room Z1: Phorge - although response might be slow on both of these channels.

Well written feature requests and bug reports can be reported in Maniphest as new tasks.

Finally, we run a bi-weekly meeting for the Core team - you can find them in the Calendar app, and everyone is welcome to drop in and say hello.

Keep Informed

The low-noise places to keep tabs on Phorge progress are the Release Blog (here) for all releases, and Security Announcements Blog for security related news.
Release notes are kept at https://we.phorge.it/w/changelog/ with some more details.
Meeting notes from our bi-weekly Core meetings are available at https://we.phorge.it/w/planning_meetings/.

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