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Phorge Administrator and User Documentation (Introduction)

This document provides a high-level overview of the Phorge project.

What is Phorge?

Phorge (pronounced like the word forge) is a suite of web applications which make it easier to build software, particularly when working with teams. Phorge is a fork of Phabricator, which in turn is largely based on Facebook's internal tools.

The major components of Phorge are:

  • Differential, a code review tool; and
  • Diffusion, a repository browser; and
  • Maniphest, a bug tracker; and
  • Phriction, a wiki.

Phorge also includes a number of smaller tools.

Why use Phorge?

Phorge gives you a box of solid tools for a comparatively small setup cost. The tools all work together and are richly integrated. The whole thing is free and open source. You own all your data. Phorge is extremely fast and proven to scale both to large datasets (Facebook has 500,000+ commits across many repositories) and large organizations (Facebook has 500+ fulltime engineers). Phorge's tools are easy to learn, understand, and use.

However, Phorge may also not be a good solution for you:

  • If you develop primarily on Windows, you are likely to find integration with the toolsets you use lacking.
  • If you don't use SVN, Git or Mercurial, you'll have to add support for your VCS before you can get anywhere.
  • If you loathe PHP, well, it's written in PHP. Sorry. It is a victim of circumstances. We assert it is well-written PHP, at least.

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