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Phorge Administrator and User Documentation
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Instructions for installing, configuring, and using Phorge.


Configuration GuideArticleThis document contains basic configuration instructions for Phorge.Configuration Guide: Locked and Hidden ConfigurationArticleDetails about locked and hidden configuration.Configuration User Guide: Advanced ConfigurationArticleConfiguring Phorge for multiple environments.Configuring a File DomainArticleSetup guide for an alternate file domain or CDN.Configuring a Preamble ScriptArticleAdjust environmental settings (SSL, remote IPs) using a preamble script.Configuring Accounts and RegistrationArticleDescribes how to configure user access to Phorge.Configuring Backups and Performing MigrationsArticleAdvice for backing up Phorge, or migrating from one machine to another.Configuring Custom FieldsArticleHow to add custom fields to applications which support them.Configuring EncryptionArticleSetup guide for configuring encryption.Configuring File StorageArticleSetup file storage and support for large files.Configuring Inbound EmailArticleThis document contains instructions for configuring inbound email, so users may interact with some Phorge applications via email.Configuring Outbound EmailArticleInstructions for configuring Phorge to send email and other types of messages, like text messages.Managing CachesArticleDiscusses Phorge caches and cache management.Managing Daemons with phdArticleExplains Phorge daemons and the daemon control program `phd`.Managing Garbage CollectionArticleUnderstanding and configuring garbage collection.Managing Storage AdjustmentsArticleExplains how to apply storage adjustments to the MySQL schemata.Notifications User Guide: Setup and ConfigurationArticleGuide to setting up notifications.Troubleshooting HTTPSArticleDetailed instructions for troubleshooting HTTPS connection problems.User Guide: Amazon RDSArticleDiscusses using Amazon RDS as a database.

Application User Guides

Almanac User GuideArticleUsing Almanac to manage devices and services.Arcanist Quick StartArticleQuick guide to getting Arcanist working for a new project.Arcanist User GuideArticleGuide to Arcanist, a command-line interface to Phorge.Arcanist User Guide: arc diffArticleGuide to running `arc diff`, to send changes to Differential for review.Arcanist User Guide: Code CoverageArticleExplains code coverage features in Arcanist and Phorge.Arcanist User Guide: Commit RangesArticleExplains how commit ranges work in Arcanist.Arcanist User Guide: Configuring a New ProjectArticleExplains how to configure Arcanist projects with `.arcconfig` files.Arcanist User Guide: Customizing Existing LintersArticleExplains how to customize existing linters.Arcanist User Guide: Customizing Lint, Unit Tests and WorkflowsArticleExplains how to build new classes to control how Arcanist behaves.Arcanist User Guide: LintArticleGuide to lint, linters, and linter configuration.Arcanist User Guide: Mac OS XArticleExplains how to install Arcanist on Mac OS X.Arcanist User Guide: Script and Regex LinterArticleExplains how to use the Script and Regex linter to invoke an existing lint engine that is not integrated with Arcanist.Arcanist User Guide: WindowsArticleExplains how to install Arcanist on Windows.Audit User GuideArticleGuide to using Phorge to audit published commits.Calendar User GuideArticleGuide to the Calendar application.Calendar User Guide: Exporting EventsArticleExporting events to other calendars.Calendar User Guide: Importing EventsArticleImporting events from other calendars.Differential User GuideArticleGuide to the Differential (pre-push code review) tool and workflow.Differential User Guide: Automated LandingArticleConfiguring Phorge so you can "Land Revision" from the web UI.Differential User Guide: FAQArticleCommon questions about Differential.Differential User Guide: Inline CommentsArticleGuide to inline comments in Differential.Differential User Guide: Test PlansArticleThis document describes things you should think about when developing a test plan.Diffusion User GuideArticleGuide to Diffusion, the Phorge application for hosting and browsing repositories.Diffusion User Guide: Commit HooksArticleGuide to commit hooks in hosted repositories.Diffusion User Guide: Existing RepositoriesArticleQuick guide for importing or observing existing repositories.Diffusion User Guide: Managing RepositoriesArticleGuide to configuring and managing repositories in Diffusion.Diffusion User Guide: Permanent RefsArticleExplains when Diffusion will take actions in response to discovering commits.Diffusion User Guide: Repositories APIArticleManaging repositories with the API.Diffusion User Guide: Repository HostingArticleGuide to configuring Phorge repository hosting.Diffusion User Guide: Repository UpdatesArticleExplains how Diffusion updates repositories to discover new changes.Diffusion User Guide: Symbol IndexesArticleGuide to configuring and using the symbol index.Diffusion User Guide: URIsArticleGuide to configuring repository URIs for fetching, cloning and mirroring.Diviner User GuideArticleUsing Diviner, a documentation generator.Drydock BlueprintsArticleOverview of Drydock blueprint types.Drydock Blueprints: HostsArticleGuide to configuring Drydock host blueprints.Drydock Blueprints: Working CopiesArticleGuide to configuring Drydock working copy blueprints.Drydock User GuideArticleDrydock, a software and hardware resource manager.Drydock User Guide: Quick StartArticleGuide to getting DrydockDrydock User Guide: Repository AutomationArticleConfiguring repository automation so Phorge can push commits.Drydock User Guide: SecurityArticleUnderstanding security concerns in Drydock.Events User Guide: Installing Event ListenersArticleUsing Phorge event listeners to customize behavior.Harbormaster User GuideArticleGuide to Harbormaster, a build and continuous integration application.Herald User GuideArticleUse Herald to get notified of changes you care about.Legalpad User GuideArticleUsing Legalpad to track agreements and signatures on legal documents.Multimeter User GuideArticleUsing Multimeter, a sampling profiler.Owners User GuideArticleGroup files in a codebase into packages and define ownership.Phame User GuideArticlePhame is a blogging platform.Phriction User GuideArticleConstruct a detailed written history of your civilization.Profile Menu User GuideArticleMaster profile menus for projects and other objects.Projects User GuideArticleOrganize users and objects with projects.Remarkup ReferenceArticleExplains how to make bold text; this makes your words louder so you can win arguments.Remarkup Reference: CowsayArticleCowsay is an application by Tony Monroe which has been ported over to Phabricator/Phorge to allow your comments to be voiced by a cow.Search User GuideArticleIntroduction to searching for documents in Phorge.Search User Guide: ShortcutsArticleCommand reference for global search shortcuts.Slowvote User GuideArticleDetailed dispute resolution manual.Spaces User GuideArticleGuide to the Spaces application.User Guide: Account RolesArticleDescribes account roles like "Administrator", "Disabled", "Bot" and "Mailing List".User Guide: Configuring an External EditorArticleSetting up an external editor to integrate with Diffusion and Differential.User Guide: Customizing FormsArticleGuide to prefilling and customizing forms in Phorge applications.User Guide: Managing Phorge EmailArticleHow to effectively manage Phorge email notifications.User Guide: Multi-Factor AuthenticationArticleExplains how multi-factor authentication works in Phorge.User Guide: Project ToneArticleExplains why Phorge uses a lighthearted tone.User Guide: Prototype ApplicationsArticleInformation about prototypes.User Guide: Review vs AuditArticleDiscusses the differences between "review" and "audit" workflows.User Guide: Unlocking ObjectsArticleExplains how to access locked or invisible objects and accounts.User Guide: UTF-8 and Character EncodingArticleHow Phorge handles character encodings.User Guide: WebhooksArticleGuide to configuring webhooks.