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Diviner User Docs Differential User Guide: Automated Landing

Differential User Guide: Automated Landing
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Configuring Phorge so you can "Land Revision" from the web UI.


IMPORTANT: This feature is a prototype and has substantial limitations.

Phorge can be configured so that approved revisions may be published directly from the web interface. This can make publishing changes more convenient, particularly for open source projects where authors may not have commit access to the repository. This document explains the workflow and how to configure it.

When properly configured, a Land Revision action will appear in Differential. This action works like arc land on the command line, and merges and publishes the revision.

This feature has significant limitations:

  • This feature is a prototype.
  • This feature is only supported in Git.
  • This feature always lands changes onto master.
  • This feature does not currently provide chain of custody, and what lands may be arbitrarily different than what is shown in Differential.

To be landable, a revision must satisfy these requirements:

  • It must belong to a repository which is tracked in Diffusion (both hosted and imported repositories will work).
  • The repository must have a Staging Area configured.
  • The repository must have Repository Automation configured. For details, see Drydock User Guide: Repository Automation.
  • The revision must have been created with arc diff and pushed to the configured staging area at creation time.
  • The user clicking the "Land Revision" button must have permission to push to the repository.

If these requirements are met, the Land Revision action should be available in the UI.

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