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Diviner User Docs User Guide: Amazon RDS

User Guide: Amazon RDS
Phorge Administrator and User Documentation (Configuration)

Discusses using Amazon RDS as a database.


Phorge works with Amazon RDS. However, most of our documentation and setup checks assume you are using local MySQL, and upstream support is less available for RDS.

If you use RDS, you'll need to do a few things a bit differently than you would with local MySQL, especially when configuring RDS. This document documents some of the differences you'll encounter when using RDS.


The documentation and various setup warnings will sometimes direct you to make configuration changes in my.cnf. In Amazon RDS, you don't have direct access to my.cnf and thus can not make these changes in the configuration file.

Instead, you can use DB Parameter Groups. You can access these from your AWS console and use the web interface to make necessary changes. The web UI will give you a user-friendly key-value table: just identify the option you need to change, then select a new value for it.