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Should we remove the code-generated documents from this instance?

Asked by avivey on Apr 3 2024, 07:04.

If you visit, you'll note that:
(1) it takes a long time to load, and
(2) it has lots of items - one for each class in the code.

I suspect that it also has some purpose-written articles, that are lost in the noise.

Some of these ( have actual content that's easier to read in rendered Remarkup, but most just list the methods.

It also requires to re-generate them, and the flow is such that they would usually be several weeks out of date.
What do we think about removing them from this site?

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I never use them, because there is no real method search. I think, we should be considering generating a documentation with a real php documention tool. But whatever we do: I think we can remove them in their current form.

Are there mechanisms to re-gen the doc after we land changes? If not that might be something we should be able to do with harnormaster, and we can bring the docs back after something like that is set up to ensure they’re always updated

There's no easy way to do that...
The diviner flow loads code from a repository, creates "cache" files, and then loads them directly to DB. I'm not sure it's even reasonable to try to run it on a different workspace copy.

The Symbol Search database, OTOH, separates the steps for generating symbols and loading them, so we can run the search elsewhere and just load the result (although only via ssh, IIRC).