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"Not In" query operator is not respected when searching for project milestones
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The "Not In" query operator doesn't work as expected if a board is set up to use project milestones (subprojects).

Example (filtering out tasks assigned to specific teams):

@valerio.bozzolan pointed out that this was captured in a (still open) Phabricator bug

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Super-useful comment:

I also ran into this issue, as reported in it also affects the "In Any" (or any()) searches, and makes it impossible to search for tasks that are in projectA or projectB, which seems quite a common use case:

  • Searching for projectA returns both tasks tagged with projectA and tasks tagged with any milestone of projectA
  • Searching for any(projectA) any(projectB) returns tasks tagged with either projectA or projectB, but does not return tasks that are tagged with a milestone associated with projectA or projectB.

@valerio.bozzolan thanks for copy-pasting my comment, I didn't see a task was already created because I only checked the Bug Reports workboard. Should the Bug Reports tag be added to this task?

Interesting triage. In legacy upstream this was a "feature request 🌈" -

Let's wait a blessed comment from experienced Blessed Committers