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Update d3 from version 5.9.2 to 6.7.0
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Phorge's is version 5.9.2 from 2019-03-14 since rP0776b5ca2c4d0e4f30522432ff9deb8b64cb1292.

Let's conservatively bump to the last 6.x version 6.7.0 from 2021-04-16.

Chart.js used by the Facts application seems to be the only consumer of d3.

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Just because we can, right? Or any real concern?

Is bitrot and technical debt a real concern? :D No reasons in particular, this patch was only an idea I ended up doing today while procastinating on other stuff.

I don't know if any third-party Phorge installations have custom data rendering code based on the Facts application (thus the conservative bump which could still break a few custom things that we do not know about - if merged this is definitely ChangeLog material) but I am also sure that if there were such installations and developers, they'd also appreciate being able to use some d3 v6 features now (similar to ES2015 etc etc stuff).