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Use drawio viewer for rendering of diagrams
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At the current point, the drawio png will be used to render a diagram in remarkup. There are several drawbacks:

  • the size is locked (bad resolution)
  • you will only see the first page

We should use the drawio viewer to render the diagram. This is a 2mb js file which is already present and it can be used to generate html code from the drawio mx data (which is part of the png data).

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I have a nice working version here, which renders the diagram with the drawio viewer javascript component:

image.png (438×442 px, 6 KB)

One can switch between pages, has a direct edit button and a neat lightbox to look at the diagram in fullscreen.

I can send a diff after this is accepted and has landed: D25612: Use more css and phorge standard elements for application view