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Support marking text with <ins> in Remarkup
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Currently it's possible to format text with <del> by using the syntax ~~foobar~~: foobar. This is quite useful for representing removed text and inline diffs. However, it should also be possible to format text with the reciprocal element, <ins> (to represent inserted text). This is particularly relevant for a markup language meant to be used in a code review context.

Markup for this could be e.g. ++foobar++, which is currently unused: ++foobar++.

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Note: the <ins> tag is typically rendered as underlined text, so this would be very similar to the <u> formatting that is produced with __foobar__foobar. In fact, it might be worth repurposing that rule to produce <ins> instead, since ~~foobar~~ actually creates a semantic <del> tag rather than the presentational equivalent <s> (strikethrough) tag.

Doing so would make the behavior more consistent overall. For example, even **foobar** and //foobar// already produce the semantic tags <strong> and <em> instead of the presentational <b> and <i>.