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community repo: Semi Structured
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"an extension that allows storing and managing objects that are not fully defined, and allowing the definition to easily evolve over time."


Some background: At least 3 times I found myself creating "a simple app" in phabricator only to manage some objects, and there's a lot of coding needed for that.
This application allows creating a simple managed collection of items without coding, and getting all the Phorge features (free search, saved searches, transactions, subscriptions, API...).

Things on the TODO list:
Near future:

  • export via conduit
  • bulk extract from json to custom field
  • gui for adding custom field
  • add Instance Saved Queries to the Type nav menu.
  • Policies per-instance (optional?)
  • hovercard
  • custom icon/logo for classes, instances.
  • Make Types and Instances available as monogram (remarkup, search...)
    • can use Application::getRemarkupRules() to allow custom monograms.

Far future:

  • bulk import
  • some way to customize view of instance ?
  • generate full application out of object type

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