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Macro: add a field for alternative text, for example to put image transcript for screen reader folks
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Current situation:

A macro's image has the value="" and the title="" set to the macro name.

So for example this macro:


At the moment has:

alt="sgtm" title="sgtm"

The desired situation would be:

alt="A very furry white bunny, so furry that it cannot see what is in front of it, is standing still in a frontal position. It looks at you, saying: seems good to me." title="sgtm"

To make that happen:

We can introduce an additional optional string field called "Alternative Text" or something like this, to allow image transcripts and this kind of things for screen reader folks.

Downstream discussions:

Event Timeline

From reading the last messages in T109 (starting, it sounds like adding that text will be bad for screen readers, because it will add lots of repetitive, "un-useful reading" to the page.

If anything, the alt-text should read sgtm macro, and some link will visit the macro page itself, where a description-for-the-blind can be added.

After the 3rd time a user "reads" sgtm macro, the intention and joke are well understood.

Oh, indeed.

I agree that a small link to the original macro page would also be useful. Also, this mitigates some potential copyright troubles, since sometime the macro page contains some credits and disclaimers.

Also, Macro are somehow magic stuff, so a link could also be useful to discover that conphigurable phing.