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Parent Subprojects: Members page: proposal for less dead-end workflows
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When you visit the Members page of a Parent Subproject, some actions are greyed out by design.

For example, see this page:

If you click Join Project or Add Members, really nothing useful happens.

Having no useful actions is probably confusing. For instance, after 4 years of usage of Phabricator/Phorge, I still see coworkers that see these greyed-out actions and say:

«Here we are again, I don't have permission to do that. Uff... VALERIOOOOO ADD ME IN THIS GROUP! I CAN'T!»

And the thing I do is just visiting the See Subprojects link on the left sidebar, find the right group, link it back to my coworker, and say: «Just try to join here». This happens very frequently. I honestly find the informational message too much complicated for non-native English speakers and that is probably the root-problem. But, probably Phorge should help users to complete their workflow:

If they need to visit a Subproject, let's give them the link to Subprojects.

In short, it could have very sense to me to put this "See Subprojects" as default submit action for this View. So, users don't feel like stopping, but to continue.


On actions that needs a Subproject, add a button called "See Subprojects". Examples:

Proposed Action Join Project here:

Projects: Join Project (Before).png (165×582 px, 14 KB)
Subproject: Join Project (After).png (165×582 px, 15 KB)

Proposed Action Add Members here:

Subproject: Add Member (Before).png (165×582 px, 14 KB)
Subprojects: Add Members (After).png (165×582 px, 15 KB)

The destination is just a link to the Child Subprojects. I mean, really the same destination of the button See Subprojects that can be found when you press OK and then you click on that link on the left sidebar.

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