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The Feed should not display the old content of an edited Task comment as default
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Today I edited a Task comment form the web interface to fix a big typo, and I noticed that the Feed was still there showing the old comment. So users were easily seeing my big typo in plain sight, in the Phorge home of Recent changes, without any indication that, that was a deprecated content, and that it was already fixed, and that a new content was available.

It is understandable that the current behavior may be a bit confusing: the old content of a comment should not be "under the spotlights" as default, and without any kind of visual help in understanding that that comment was deprecated.

To me this is not a feature, but a completion of the already-existing feature of comment editing.

NOTE: In part the Feed already addresses changes in a Task comment: when a comment is deleted, its body is not shown in the Feed anymore, and this is nice.

Steps to reproduce:

  • add a comment in a Task, write "sex times" - Save
  • edit that comment, write "six times" instead - Save

What happens now:

  • in the Feed (for example in your home Recent Activity) you still see the old comment content ("sex times")
    • and without any indication that, that comment was superseded
    • and without any indication that, what the new content is

What could happen instead (proposals - feel free to add):

Proposal nameProposed change
"Complete proposal 1"The Feed shows the most recent content instead AND it shows that it was "Edited"
"Lazy proposal 1"The Feed just shows the most recent content instead
"Partial Proposal 1"The content is omitted from the Feed - so you have to visit it.
"Unforgiving Blockchain 1"The old Feed stays as-is, showing your mistake but a new Feed is created, showing the new content. Example: "Foo Edited the comment to:"

I'm honestly inclined in trying to implement the "Complete proposal 1". If I'm not able to do it, I would be also OK with a "Lazy proposal 1". I don't think that this would be an auditing problem, since, if you want auditing, you just may like to visit the Task itself with the full edit history of that comment. I honestly also don't like the proposal called "Unforgiving Blockchain 1" since spawning a Feed for each damn comment edit is really too much folks.