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Disable spammers
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Description is a spammer - can we please get that user disabled?

Other spam accounts

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Thanks for reporting, I've disabled the account.

speck added a subscriber: avivey.

On Wikipedia’s phabricator instance I implemented a patch that hides the profile text on disabled accounts which helps (slightly) to disincentivize spammers.

That would be useful, though we might not want all disabled accounts to have their profiles description hidden for accounts disabled which aren't spam.

Yeah admittedly what I did was just a hack because I didn't want to implement storage and UI for a new "hidden" boolean flag.

Another one popped up:

Might be worth it enabling the ReCaptcha integration. (Potentially use hCaptcha instead, if the integration can handle it)


The choice to not allow administrators to edit profiles is a strange one... at the very least, we should probably upstream Mukunda's patch.

Matthew claimed this task.

Closing this task now, to prevent it from turning into a perpetual task.

In the future, feel free to send the instance admins a Comprehence message, Zulip message or IRC message to get spam accounts disabled. We are also working on additional anti-spam measures that are being discussed in the Security project and will be moved public later.