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PostgreSQL support
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Asked by ton on Apr 12 2023, 05:24.


Hi Phorge community!

I am new to Phabricator and Phorge but I already like the vibe. Phabricator is used by the FreeBSD project and I am exploring the option to migrate to Phorge since Phab seems to be dead.

Looking at installation instructions and at I though of a question:

How difficult would it be to add PostgreSQL support in a hypothetical future? How far down the road of "heavily customized for MySQL" did the project go?

Just curious!



Updated 226 Days Ago

It's not insanely difficult, but it is a lot of work and probably not worth anybody's time.

I think the this mostly comes down to locking logic (which might be used for some non-database stuff too).
And, naturally, the ORM layer (mapping DTO fields/types to DB columns).

It's theoretically possible to support PostgreSQL (or other relational DBs), but very unlikely anyone would ever make the effort, with MySQL (and compatibles) being so easy to obtain.

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