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[bug] Diffusion Commit History CommandException on git 2.42

Asked by nicodoggie on Apr 3 2024, 08:54.


Getting an error with this command throwing a CommandException when checking branch history on the URL source/<repo>/history/<branch>:

git log --skip '' --max-count 101 '--format=%H:%P' <commit hash> --

errors out with a CommandException: fatal: '': not an integer

reverted to an earlier version of the git binary (2.34 in our case) as a workaround

I suppose git log used to allow an empty string as input to the --skip flag, but recently made this more strict.

On phorge stable 2023.49


Updated 44 Days Ago

Thanks - looks like it did (mine still does at git version

The real issue looks like there's no validation for missing params: offset is defined as required int, and it's not provided in this particular call:$27

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