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Remarkup: avoid to open internal pages as external links (as default)

Authored by valerio.bozzolan on Mar 23 2023, 10:49.
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This is an attempt to improve the default behavior in Remarkup about
links. It does not change any behaviors manually specified in the engine
and it does not change any behaviors related to external domains.

As default, now these kind of links will open in the same tab:

  • anchors
  • relative URLs
  • absolute URLs pointing to the base-URI domain

All the other cases are kept as before - so they open in another tab.

This situation can further improve but it already covers most of the
cases where most users do not expect to break their navigation into
several tabs. Moreover, if an user wants to open a link in another
window, no one prevents from using the middle mouse button,
or CTRL+click or any other nice really basic feature from their browser.

Closes T15161

Test Plan
  • Copy the example text from this Task:
  • Verify that "internal resources" are internal links as default now
  • Verify that "external resources" are still external links as before

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