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Meeting Notes for {E1}

  1. Regular meetings. Start with every other week.
    • @avivey this time is a bit early
    • @Matthew unable to make this current time until school courses end
    • Proposed new day: Tuesdays
    • Proposed new time; ~2 hours after current time (7pm UTC)
    • This would be manageable for most people
    • Even if some attendance isn't capable we should be taking good notes which can be reviewed.
  2. High priority task: Rebranding
    • There are several options to move forward here. Either try to work with upstream (preferred) and get general branding changes upstream first. Otherwise we do a quick find/replace in Phorge.
    • Find/Replace option -- this would effectively officially bifurcate Phorge from Phabricator, since it's such a large change.
    • Working with upstream would benefit from coordinating and learning from Evan.
    • General strategy (working with upstream):
      1. For each application, review all user-facing text and rephrase it to be general purpose text, such as referring to "Phabricator" as "the installation" or "the platform". See
      2. For any user-facing documentation which requires referencing "Phabricator", there is a new remarkup interpreter which can use {{{ }}} which will resolve to the defined name
      3. Anything which refers to phabricator as a path on disk, which is not user-facing, can remain for now and be addressed in a different change. This helps to limit to scope of necessary changes for the branding effort.
    • General process
      1. Create a table with the applications, allowing people to grab and work on application
      2. Submit changes for review in Phorge
      3. After accepted, changes are submitted upstream to Phabricator (by @avivey, @speck, or others with an upstream account)
      4. Do not land the changes in Phorge -- Phorge will eventually pull in all changes from upstream, assuming Evan provides review and suggests changes.
  3. Release process
    • This might not need to be fully defined until we complete the rebrand.
    • Should we re-fork after the upstream rebranding? This doesn't seem to be necessary. Only benefit is a cleaner history but we'll have to branch at some point.
    • We do need a Diviner book for migrating from Phabricator to Phorge. Many corporate users will want/need this.
  4. Spammers
    • Wikipedia has a change which just hides the profile content for disabled accounts. This prevents these pages from showing up in web searches etc. This change is non-destructive (no database changes). In the future a change to mark an account as spam would be very nice but is a larger change (e.g. hide the user account's name from all other pages it would show up).
    • Would requiring email validation help? Based on the existing accounts it wouldn't really help.
    • Adding recapcha to create an account might help, but again the current spam accounts appear to all be human-created.

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