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Editing a Herald rule fails to display values of custom field: "Unknown Object (????)"
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. Phorge at 5d479556c329f2e14797c4fbf189c5036a24a7a4, PHP 8.3.8
  2. Set http://phorge.localhost/config/edit/maniphest.custom-field-definitions/ to
  "security_topic": {
    "default": "default",
    "description": "Description.",
    "instructions": "Instructions.",
    "name": "Security",
    "options": {
      "default": "None",
      "security-bug": "Security bug",
      "sensitive": "Confidential issue",
      "access-request": "Access Request"
    "search": false,
    "view": false,
    "type": "select"
  1. Go to http://phorge.localhost/herald/edit/?content_type=HeraldManiphestTaskAdapter&rule_type=global
  2. Under Conditions, set first dropdown to Custom Fields > Security
  3. Click magnifier button for third field, see all defined options listed as expected:

Screenshot from 2024-06-19 17-42-19.png (665×1 px, 41 KB)

  1. Select Security Bug
  2. Under Action, set the first dropdown to Do nothing
  3. Click Save Rule button (or successfully save with a rule name and try to edit the rule).

Expected outcome:
Condition value is rendered correctly, like in the Browse Values dialog, or in the Herald Rule View view :

Screenshot from 2024-06-19 17-47-23.png (665×1 px, 46 KB)

Actual outcome:
Condition value in Herald Rule Edit view says Unknown Object (????)

Screenshot from 2024-06-19 17-44-24.png (665×1 px, 55 KB)