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Facts: Burndown Charts should render YYYY-MM-DD with eight digits
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. PHP 8.3.6, Phorge at 61c953268ecd72e5dce6faeae042922eb7ef8fbd
  2. Enable the Facts prototype application at http://phorge.localhost/applications/view/PhabricatorFactApplication/
  3. Go to a project's Reports page (like http://phorge.localhost/project/reports/1/ ) of a project which has several tasks associated and also saw changes in the number of associated tasks over time
  4. In the Burndown chart, hover over a data point and look at the date string in the tooltip

Actual outcome:


Screenshot from 2024-05-09 15-38-49.png (974×948 px, 65 KB)

Expected outcome:


Screenshot from 2024-05-09 15-38-28.png (974×948 px, 65 KB)