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Mention on landing page that Phorge is a community fork of Phabricator
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I suggest to mention on that Phorge is a community-maintained fork of Phabricator and link Phabricator to its Wikipedia article. That's it.

Without this mention, people who casually wandered onto this page can hardly get the idea that Phorge is something with as rich background as it has. Also, people want to see screenshots. If there are no nice screenshots on the landing page itself, let them look at them in the Wikipedia article at least.

Alternatives where to link "Phabricator":

The source of this task: I just had a talk with a person who likes open source but was about to dismiss Phorge because "Oh, I bet it's typical clumsy open source where they can't even articulate on their main page who are they and what they offer".

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Suddenly, yesterday I was also talking in one of the kanban communities and I had to tell them that Phorge is a fork of the Phabricator, and not some kind of independent thing without a background. People don't quite understand this.

Yeah, thad makes sense, I guess.

The landing page currently lives here: rHP (re-deployment is a manual process, but you can make a patch).
I started writing it in R10 as a Phorge extension, but that's not live yet.