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Crumb menu wrapping is deficient
Open, Needs TriagePublic


  • Wrapping of long menu with many crumbs seems broken:
    image.png (132×717 px, 7 KB)
  • if there is the space, it is not used (example: very long repo names)
    image.png (30×459 px, 2 KB)
  • on mobile, the text is just cut without an ellipsis
    image.png (34×371 px, 2 KB)

Possible solutions:

  • the crumbs don't need to be floated left, inline rendering should be enough (with some mods of course)
  • the max-width could be calculated with a css var that holds the number of items. Just a hot take:
max-with: max(240px, calc(80vw / var(--item-count)))