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Bug: Unable to add an empty repository to an owners package
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To reproduce:

  1. Create a Git repository. For mine, I added a GitHub remote and activated it. This repository must be empty.
  2. Try to add this repository to an owners package. The change won't save.

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Cannot reproduce (or I misunderstand the steps):

  1. Created for testing
  2. Went to phorge.localhost/diffusion/edit/form/default/?vcs=git and created emptyRepo.
  3. Went to http://phorge.localhost/diffusion/26/uri/edit/208/ and set URI's I/O Type to Read Only
  4. Went to http://phorge.localhost/diffusion/26/uri/edit/ and set URI to and I/O Type to Mirror
  5. Went to http://phorge.localhost/owners/paths/1/ , edited/removed existing path by setting it to: Include R26 emptyRepo / , and clicked "Save Paths"