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Clicking on meme then cancel causes redirection to homepage and dialog does not disappear
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  1. in a text field anywhere click on Meme
  2. click cancel on the dialog
  3. you will see that the dialog is still present but behind the dialog you've navigated to the home page

if you opened the dialog after scrolling down, it will be at the same place when you navigate away

a reload resolves the issue

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avivey subscribed.

Does not reproduce to me.
Which browser are you using? Are there any javascript errors?

Chrome 109 on Windows 7
No JS errors in console

sometimes i can not reproduce the issue

Ah! I can reproduce exactly in this comment!

Unrelated, but then, in my console I have an error loading this file from the homepage:

This happens also with the Upload File dialog

This is very probably a recent regression since I cannot reproduce on Wikimedia Phabricator.

I cannot reproduce anymore. This does not happen anymore in latest master.

Feel free to share additional info in case and reopen.

can't repro anymore, looks like the regression regressed