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User avatar image cropped in top bar when no Real Name set
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Steps to reproduce:

  1. PHP 8.2.8, Phorge at 85539ce25559b0a4dcfea54562a31d75ae7b27ad
  2. As an admin, go to http://phorge.localhost/config/edit/user.require-real-name/ and set non-default Make real names optional
  3. Go to http://phorge.localhost/people/new/standard/
  4. Set Name to userNoRealName, leave Real Name empty, set Email Address to
  5. Click Create User
  6. On the CLI, use ./bin/auth/recover userNoRealName to log into Phorge as that new user
  7. Select the user menu in the top bar

Expected outcome:
User avatar image fully rendered

Actual outcome:
User avatar image is cropped as the Real Name is missing

Screenshot from 2023-07-14 10-46-28.png (391×742 px, 30 KB)